Il miraggio dei diritti costituzionali nel deserto della forma di Regione

The essay examines the relationship between public power and individuals within the Italian regions. In particular, the regional and state rules that regulate the rights of individuals and their relationship with the constitutional dictate are examined. The reduced role of the Regions, also due to the constitutional jurisprudence, does not allow to define an adequate […]

Le politiche di contrasto al fenomeno dello spopolamento nelle Aree interne

The essay aims to examine the depopulation of inland areas and mountain areas, with particular regard to the guarantee of essential services and territorially homogeneous economic development. For this purpose, the survey focuses on the analysis of the main measures adopted by the state and regional legislators, such as the National Strategy for Internal Areas, […]

La clausola necessaria e propria: flessibilità e garanzia del federalismo statunitense e ruolo della dottrina

In addition to being a cornerstone of American constitutional law, the Necessary and Proper Clause is considered the archetype of modern “flexibilization clauses” in several constitutions’ division of power between the central authority and member units. While they have been historically construed in an extensive and centralizing fashion, flexibilization clauses also display a “safeguarding role” […]