Italian Papers on Federalism ( is an online journal published by the Italian National Research Council’s Institute for the Study of Regionalism, Federalism and Self-Government “Massimo Severo Giannini” (ISSiRFA-CNR), located in Rome, Italy.

The Journal, founded in 2011 by Prof. Antonio D’Atena, who has been Editor-in-chief until the 8th June 2021, as of that date is directed by Prof. Giulio Salerno

The Journal covers the following topics: regionalism, federalism, local self-government as well as European and supranational integration processes. More generally, the Journal deals with issues related to constitutional orders characterized by the principle of decentralisation and by pluralism of territorial institutions, also from an historical perspective and resorting to the comparative method.

Published contributions – in Italian and foreign languages – only reflect the point of view of the Authors and do not in any way bind the Journal and the Institute to which it belongs. Contributions are peer-reviewed in accordance to provisions currently into force and to the Journal’s Internal Regulation.